Why is a test is running, but no campaign emails are being received?

If a test is configured and no emails are received, check the following.


  • Review your whitelisting settings in both your mail client and, if applicable, your security configuration to verify that you can receive emails from Hook Security, Inc.
  • Confirm that the template has valid "from" and "reply-to" domains. The template editor will display errors if the from email is not properly formatted. If the domains are not valid emails may be silently dropped.


  • Confirm that a valid SMTP server is configured for the template. Click "Change SMTP Settings" from the template editor window. To use the Hook Security, Inc server, these fields should be blank. To use a custom SMTP server, these fields should be configured with proper credentials. NOTE: Not having an SMTP server set up for a template is generally the best option to choose.


  • Confirm that a valid STMP server is configured for the account. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Mail Settings and click on the SMTP (Outgoing) tab. If you have a custom mail server configured for your phishing email, verify that Hook Security, Inc can connect to the mail server by clicking "Test SMTP". If you have the "Phishing Mail" option enabled, try disabling the option.