Why are school system emails being delivered to quarantine?

Whether school enrollments are landing in email quarantine or in your team's spam folder, find out the best way to troubleshoot here!

If you utilize the standard school URL school.hooksecurity.net... 

Be sure you have whitelisted all Hook Security IP addresses as they help the deliverability of the platform's system emails. Another precaution would be to add the school URL to your safe senders as well.

School portal links to courses never expire, but if you experience any issues accessing a link from a course enrollment email, please notify support at support@hooksecurity.co.

If you utilize the white-labeling for the school portal...

If you have white-labeled your school URL, it will look like {your company}.testingcenter[dot]net.

At this time, many accounts are flagging the testingcenter[dot]net URL/domain and the system emails are not being delivered.  If you are running into this error, our recommendation would be to reach out to support@hooksecurity.co and ask to remove your school URL white-labeling.

When this change occurs, your school portal would revert back to the school.hooksecurity.net domain and should deliver into your targets' inboxes. 

Any other branding on the system emails or within the portal would remain unchanged. 

Please note that those who also have SSO enabled for their school will need to reestablish their syncs as they will be broken.