Why are Hook Security Emails going to Spam/Junk folders?

Learn why emails go to Spam and what to look for in your email security settings that may be preventing Hook emails from landing into inboxes.

When emails are being delivered but get filtered to a spam folder, there could be a number of reasons why this is happening. One of them is why we ask all clients to safelist Hook’s primary IP addresses and domains to bypass security filters as a trusted sender.

It is important to note that IP address delivery only ensures that the email gets into the recipient’s mail server - not necessarily avoids Spam.

Most of the time Spam or junk mail is due to the sorting and filtering process of the recipient’s mail server, which is out of the sender’s control. Since every business has different email policies and configurations, Hook Support is limited to assisting with client server settings. 

As mentioned before, safelisting does not mean emails will avoid Spam. Spam rules vary between customers, so we suggest looking into the following email security settings that may be preventing Hook emails from landing into inboxes:

  • Spam or Phish policies (anti-spam priority values)
  • Sender Filters
  • Scanning Criteria
  • IP reputation
  • Spam reporting or scoring policies

To review, the recipient's server settings and spam filters have sole determination on whether emails are routed to the inbox or are flagged as spam/junk. Spam filters take a significant number of factors into account in addition to IP and domain reputation, such as email content, recipient reporting habits, and engagement rates. So unless clients are seeing hard bounces with Hook emails, our scope of support is limited to their security rules in place.

If you have any questions about Spam prevention, contact support@hooksecurity.co.