Why am I getting an error while uploading a SCORM file?

Fix the most common errors users encounter when using SCORM content modules.

Uploading: Error message on missing manifest file

This is a common error message about a missing manifest file:

We failed to upload the Zip, as we did not find a manifest.

Are you sure imsmanifest.xml or tincan.xml is in the root of your package/zip, and not in a subfolder within your zip?

Fix 1: Verify that the manifest is part of the zipped file.

For SCORM files, typically the missing file is called imsmanifest.xml, and is missed when creating the ZIP. For Tin Can files, the manifest is called tincan.xml.

If the zipped file doesn't include the manifest, Hook Security doesn't have the "directions" to use the module. 

Make sure the manifest appears in the root folder of the zipped package.

Fix 2: Verify that the manifest is at root of the zipped file, not within a file inside the zipped package.

A similar error occurs if the SCORM package is zipped incorrectly before uploading: for example, the imsmanifest.xml is within another directory, not at the root of the zipped file.

This error occurs if you zip a file that contains all the SCORM components, including the manifest. 

The solution: don't send a file containing components to zip, but zip the contents of the file. For example:

  • open your compression software
  • open the file containing all the components
  • select and zip the component files, including the manifest 


  • return to the file containing the SCORM components
  • within the file, select all components including the manifest
  • select your zip option

Uploading: Error message concerning SCORM version 

Hook Security supports SCORM 1.2. 

If you attempt to upload modules made using the earlier SCORM 1.1 version, the application generates a loading error.

To upload successfully you need to republish the SCORM content in the correct version.

The fix: 

  • return to the authoring tool
  • generate the module again in SCORM 1.2

Most content authoring tools let you save and generate your content in multiple formats.