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How do I whitelist in Spam Titan?

Whitelisting in Spam Titan

Whitelisting by IP

In SpamTitan, you must whitelist our IP's by navigating to System Setup > Mail Relay > IP Controls > Whitelisted IPs. Enter our IPs into your whitelist and your phishing test emails will bypass spam and junk filters. 

You will also want to add the IP address to the greylisting section. Go to System Setup > Mail Relay > Greylisting and add the IP and netmask range there. 

Configuring the Global Email Whitelist

Although it may be more time consuming, you can also whitelist by domain. The domains you whitelist must be the domains which are utilized by the templates with which you are conducting tests.

Navigate to the Filter Rules > Global Whitelist page. This allows you to control which messages are
always allowed by SpamTitan. Messages from these domains will be whitelisted, and the messages from those senders will not be scanned by the anti-spam engine and be delivered to the intended recipient.

Click the Add… button to add a new whitelisted domain, and the "Add Whitelist entry" dialog box will be displayed. Enter the  domain that you want to allow, and then press the Save button. The address must be of the form "example.com" - which will allow all email from that domain to your account. To Import whitelists from a text file, create a text file with all the entries to whitelist, with one email address or domain (preceded by the '@' sign) per line.