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How do I whitelist in Proofpoint?

How to safelist (whitelist) in Proofpoint

When you're ready to whitelist in Proofpoint, follow the instructions below.

Whitelisting By IP Address

  1. From your Proofpoint admin center, navigate to Email Firewall, then Rules.
  2. Be sure to select the On radio button for Enable, under Rule Settings.
  3. Name your rule ID something descriptive, such as "HookSecurity Whitelisting by IP Address," and provide a summary of the rule such as "HookSecurity Phishing Simulation" 
  4. In the "Conditions" section you will whitelist HookSecurity by IP address using the "Add Condition" button. You can find our IP addresses for phishing and training emails in this article.
  5. Under "Dispositions", change the Delivery Method from the default selection to Deliver Now.
  6. Be sure to save your rule and allow time for this new setting to propagate before testing. 

Prevent Emails from Going to Spam

Proofpoint may send emails to spam or quarantine. If so, you will need to add Hook Security to the Organization Safe List in Proofpoint.

  1. From the Proofpoint admin center, navigate to Email Protection > Spam Detection > Organization Safe List.
  2. Add the Hook Security testing domain names or IP addresses. For a list of Hook Security IP addresses, see the article: Why whitelist?. Testing domain names are set on a month-by-month basis.