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How do I whitelist in Barracuda?

How to safelist (whitelist) in Barracuda

 Whitelisting IP addresses in Barracuda's Email Security Gateway

  1. Log in to your Barracuda Email Security Gateway web interface.
  2. Go to the BLOCK/ACCEPT IP Filters page.
  3. In the Allowed IP/Range section, enter the first Portal IP address in the IP/Network Address field.
  4. In the Netmask field, type
  5. Optional: add a note in the Comment field. For example, type HookSecurity IP address
  6. Click Add to whitelist the entered IP address.
  7. Complete steps 2-6 for each of the Portal IP address found above.

This information was obtained and summarized from Barracuda's knowledgebase. For our latest IP Addresses to be whitelisted click here.

Barracuda Intent Analysis

You may need to whitelist us in Barracuda's Intent Analysis feature to prevent the URLs in simulated tests from being altered, and potentially resulting in skewed test results. Here is an article from Barracuda explaining this process.