Where do I edit a course program?

This article helps describe the settings, and options for changing your course's details.

Programs are groups of courses that can be assigned to students. To edit a course program, navigate to Courses > Manage Content. In the 'Actions' column of the program's respective row, click the 'Edit' link in the dropdown menu.


This will open the Edit Course Program page. There are three tabs at the top of the window, labeled 'Course Program Details', 'Courses', and 'Library'. Click the tabs to navigate to the desired section.

Course Program Details

On the Course Program Details window, you can edit the program name, assign categories, edit the description, upload program learning materials, and upload or delete a thumbnail image for the program.



The Courses window allows you to add or remove courses from the program, change the order of courses (if applicable), and designate the completion type of the program. The completion type of the program designates whether the courses should be taken sequentially or in any order.


Click up-arrow.png or down-arrow.png to move a course up or down in the order of courses, respectively.

Click add-course-button.png to add a course to the program. After clicking the button, a select menu will appear.

Click add-button.png to add the selected course to the program.


The library tab presents options related to the program's visibility. From here, you can control which types of accounts have access to the program, how other accounts can subscribe.


Who can see the course?

The options in this section allow you to set the visibility of the program amongst your accounts, and if applicable, share the program in the system library across all Hook Security, Inc customers.

  • Private: Only the program's account and see and/or use the content.
  • Sub Accounts: Sub accounts will also have access to the content. The program must be in a library account.
  • Public: The program will be available for purchase for all Hook Security, Inc accounts. Must be a content partner.

How to subscribe?

The options in this section determine how accounts can access the program.

  • Other accounts can create subscription: Accounts with access to the content can freely create subscriptions.
  • Course program owner must create subscription: Accounts must request the subscription.


Specify a price per target per year to charge for the program.