Where do I create school content?

This article explains how to create custom course content.

To create you own custom courses or course programs, navigate to Schools > Create Content.


Content Details

This section lets you specify the name, categories, description, and learning content and learning material of the school content.

  • Content Type is whether you want to create a course or course program.
  • Content Name is the name of the course you are creating. Give your course a unique, descriptive name.
  • Course Category allows you to place your course into zero or more categories. You may use zero or more course categories.
  • Description (optional) will allow you to provide your students with a brief description of the course.
  • Thumbnail Image - this is an icon that will appear for that course on your Manage Courses page, as well as on the school dashboard. (Think of it as a way to visually identify your different courses.) This image should be a 128px by 128px jpeg, png, or bmp file.

There will be additional setup and upload options available once you have created the content.