What's included in the Full Report* (by request only)?

Hook Security's Full Reports are designed to give our Partners, IT Professionals, and appropriate personnel access to all available information regarding a companies training results.

The Full Report is not designed to distribute to unqualified personnel. 

The Full Report may contain sensitive information. Hook Security advises against standing requests and circulation of these reports. 

Each report includes the current month's testing and training results as well as a comparison to all previous months since the client's subscription started. 

The Sections included in the Monthly Reports are:

  • Test Summary
  • Passed vs Failed (Pie Graphs)
  • Most Severe Failures by Target (Users / Pie Graphs)
  • Historical Actions by Month
  • Breakdown by Target

In addition to the Sections included above, the Full Report also includes:

  • Historical Actions by Month per Target (Bar Graph)
  • IP Map of all Locations (Unredacted)
  • All Test Administrative Details
  • All Template Administrative Details
  • Phishing Term Appendix

Furthermore, a .csv file format of the report is available upon request. 

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