How do I Send Training Campaigns from Custom SMTP?

If its preferred to send training emails from a domain you own instead of using our domain, this can be achieved by following the steps outlined below!


  1. First you must configure a SMTP (Outgoing) connection. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Mail Settings > SMTP (Outgoing) tab:
  2. Click the  button
  3. Input the necessary information to configure the connection
    NOTE: You can find more details on configuring a SMTP (Outgoing) connection in our Mail Settings article
  4. Test and Save the new connection
  5. With a SMTP connection, you are now ready to create a training campaign. Complete the ScheduleTargets, and Templates tabs in the Campaign Wizard
    NOTE: You can find more details on configuring a Training Campaign in our Creating a Campaign article
  6. On the Review tab, toggle "YES" for "Advanced Mail Server Options":
  7. Select the SMTP connection created in step 4 in the "Custom SMTP (optional)" drop-down:
  8. Toggle "YES" for "Override From Email of messages with Custom SMTP?"
  9. Click "Finish" to complete the creation of the Training Campaign