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Manage Template Domains

The Manage Template Domains page will give you information about the Portal domains as well as your own domains.

 On this page, you can view information about how often each domain is used, last verified date and time, whether or not the domain is active, etc.

Navigate to Templates > Template Domains

  1. Manage Domains Top Bar
  2. Manage Domains Columns



1. Manage Template Domains Top Bar

The Manage Template Domains Top Bar allows you to search domains, display community domains or account domains, and add a domain.

Clicking the "Add Phishing Domain" button displays the following pop-up. See our Configure a Custom Domain or CNAME article for more information on using a custom domain.


2. Manage Domains Columns

  • Domain Name - The name of the domain.
  • IP Address -The IP address that the domain rests on.
  • Usage - How frequently the domain is used across all Portal accounts. This percentage is calculated by dividing the number of uses for the domain on the Domain Activity Status Check Chart by the most used domain for all tests. The most frequently used domain will have a usage of 100%.
  • Last Verified - The last time the domain was verified (i.e. the last time the domain was checked that it indeed rests on the associated IP, domain's SPF record was checked, and URL was resolved).
  • Status - Whether or not the domain has been disabled. The status is based off of Google Safe Browsing. If Google Safe Browsing has flagged a domain, then it will also be set to inactive in Portal.
  • SSL Certificate - If the domain has a valid SSL certificate.
  • Domain Type - This displays if the domain is used for phishing phishing.png or training training.png emails. 
  • DNS Configuration - This column displays the status of DMARC, DKIM, MX and SPF for the domain. 
  • Action - Clicking the view button will trigger a status to be displayed. Clicking the drop-down allows you to verify the domain, view logs and/or submit an issue about it.