What is included in a Monthly Report for Campaign of the Month/DFY service?

Hook Security's monthly reports are designed to our Partners and their clientele as much information as possible without compromising any security or privacy concerns. 

Each report includes the current month's testing and training results as well as a comparison to all previous months since the client's subscription started. 

The Sections included in the Monthly Reports are:

  • Test Summary
  • Passed vs Failed (Pie Graphs)
  • Most Severe Failures by Target (Users / Pie Graphs)
  • Historical Action by Month
  • Breakdown by Target (Users / Redacted)

The Sections NOT included in the Monthly Reports are:

  • Testing Administrative Details
  • Template Testing Administrative Details
  • All Emails are Redacted
  • All Names are Redacted

 Please email support@hooksecurity.co with any questions. 

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