How do I manage system emails?

System Emails will send from the platform for things like previews, school enrollments, and more. Learn to customize them here.

Managing System Emails

To navigate to Manage System Emails, expand Administration > Settings > Manage System Emails.

  1. Using the Manage System Emails page
  2. Available Variables

Using the Manage System Emails page

The Manage System Emails page shows you the templates for all the system emails. "System emails" are any email other than phishing emails. Examples of system emails include password reset emails, admin notifications, and campaign authorization emails.


  1. The first column on the Manage System Emails page will either have a gear_icon2.png or it will be empty. If it has a gear icon, then that system email is the same as the default (i.e. it has not been modified). If it is missing the gear icon, then the system email has been modified.
  2. Edit Branding: This button will take you to the Branding Settings page.
  3. Special Fields: Clicking this button will show a popup of all the special fields that can be used in system emails. Special fields will dynamically populate with different data. For example, the {current_year} special field will be replaced with the current year.
  4. Enabled: This column indicates if the system email is intended to show up in subaccounts and single accounts.
  5. System Email Trigger: This column shows the name of the system email. When you send a system email, an entry will appear with the system email trigger name in your System Email Logs.
  6. Description: A description of the system email.
  7. Email Subject: The subject of the system email.
  8. Actions: The Actions drop-down lets you view the system email, edit it or copy into account, or revert it to its default state (i.e. make it look as it did before any editing was done).
    • Clicking the "Edit" button will display the system email in its raw form, without variables being replaced. You can edit the HTML of the template by clicking on the "Source" button.


Available Variables

Use variables in system emails to insert relevant data at send-time. See table below for a list of available variables. The variables populate based on branding settings unless noted.

{fname} Recipient's first name
{lname} Recipient's last name
{email} Recipient's email
{course_list} List of courses that a student needs to take.
{reset_url} Admin portal password reset URL
{training_url} Course URL
{name} Recipient's full name
{course_name} Course name
{school_reset_url} The school portal password reset URL
{reminder_course_list} The list of enrollments pending completion
{date_due} The course's due date
{portal_app_embed_link} SSO admin portal app embed link
{school_app_embed_link} SSO school portal app embed link