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How do I manage campaigns?

The Manage Campaigns page is the central location for campaign management.

Managing Campaigns

Navigate to Tests / Campaigns > Manage Campaigns. This will open the Manage Campaigns page. Mouse over the icons for more information. Use the "Show 'x' entries" drop-down to change the number of campaigns displayed on the page.


1. Campaigns: This section will display the campaign name, start date, and end date.

2. Campaigns Filter: Use the search box to filter campaigns visible in the campaigns column.

3. Create Test: Use this button to navigate to the Campaign Wizard.

4. Setup: This column indicates whether setting up the campaign has been completed or not. A setup_gr.png icon indicates that setup is complete, a setup_red.png icon indicates that setup has not been completed.

5. Groups: This column will display the number of groups being tested in the campaign, and the authorization status of the campaign. 

  • green_sig.png Indicates that the test has been authorized.
  • grey_sig.png Indicates that no authorization emails have been sent.
  • red_sig.png Indicates that authorization emails have been sent but the test has not been authorized.

6. Tests: This column will show the number of tests in the campaign that have been scheduled, the number of tests in progress, and the number of tests that have been completed, respectively.

7. Actions: Use the pause and play buttons to pause or resume the tests. If a test is paused, it will cease sending emails. Upon resuming, the test will immediately send emails that were scheduled to send while the test was paused. Click the "View" button to view a test report. Click the down_arrow.png for additional actions;

  • View Details: Click to view a test report.
  • View Scheduled Emails: Click to open the Manage Campaign Phishing Emails page. For more information about the Manage Campaign Phishing Emails page see article: Manage Campaign Phishing Emails.
  • Clone Campaign: This will create a new campaign with the same group, course, and recurring settings. You will need to select a new starting date, template(s), and reconfigure your target selections.
  • Extend Campaign: This will open the Extend Campaign dialog. In the "Amount" field enter the number of time you would like the test to repeat.  If you extend a campaign, you must select more templates for the campaign in the "Templates" multi-select field.
    • NOTE: A campaign must be set to recurring for a campaign to be extended.
  • Resend Authorizations: If a test's authorization emails have been sent but not authorized, click this link to resend the authorization emails.
  • Pause/Resume: Pause or resume the test, respectively.
  • Edit: Edit the settings of a campaign that has begun.
    • NOTE: Once a test has started, you can no longer edit the settings of the test.
  • Delete: Delete a campaign and all of its associated data. In order to delete the campaign, all tests must be deleted first. The tests will have the same name as the campaign with Test # appended. 
    • Warning: This action can not be undone.

8. Entries Drop-down: Use this select menu to choose how many entries you would like the table to display.