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How can I add a group with LDAP?

How to add targets into a group using your LDAP server.

Note: Before following the instructions below, you will need Testing Center access. If you are not sure if you have Testing Center access or need Testing Center access please email support@hooksecurity.co

Please be aware that your domain controllers need to be accessed from the internet!

To import from LDAP you will need to create a new group through the Add Group page.

You will also need to know the LDAP server address, port, username, password, and base DN.

You'll want to whitelist the Portal LDAP server's IP address, which is

Once you enter a name for the group, click on the Third-Party Integration tab and choose "LDAP" from the Import Type dropdown menu.

LDAP Server

This is the domain or IP where your LDAP server resides.


The port option is used for authenticating and binding to your AD server.

The default ports are already used for non-SSL and SSL connections (389 and 636). Only insert a port if your AD server uses a unique port.

Username & Password

To connect to your AD server, a username and password is required to be able to query and run operations on your server(s). You can use any account that has these permissions.

Base DN

The base distinguished name is the base distinguished name you'd like to perform operations on. An example base DN would be DC=corp,DC=acme,DC=org. If one is not defined, you will not retrieve any search results.

Your base DN is case insensitive. You do not need to worry about incorrect casing.

Secure Connection

These Boolean options enable an SSL or TLS connection to your LDAP server.

Directory Type

The type of directory you are trying to connect to.

Test Configuration

Once you have entered the required information, click on Test Configuration to test the connection.

If a connection is made, the number of users found in the base DN will be displayed in the Group Targets box. Additionally, new options on how you want to pull users will be displayed. You can either select the users from the base DN, a specific group, or a specific OU.