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How do I whitelist in Fortinet FortiGate?

How to safelist (whitelist) in Fortinet FortiGate

The following instructions include information from Foritgate's Static URL Filter article. 

Static URL Filter

Allow access to our testing domains by adding them to your Static URL Filter list in your Fortigate firewall. The FortiGate web filter allows access to web pages matching the URLs you specify.

Follow the steps below to whitelist in FortiGate:

  1. We will send you the test domains you will whitelist in the preview email. If you have selected to not receive our Preview emails, please email support@hooksecurity.co to receive the latest test domains that will be used. 
  2. Go to Security Profiles > Web Filter.
  3. Expand Static URL Filter, enable URL Filter, and select Create.
  4. Enter the URL, without the "http", for example: www.example.com
    • Enter any or all of the provided domains. 
  5. Select Type: Simple
  6. Select the Action to take against matching URLs: Allow
  7. Confirm that Status is enabled.