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How do I integrate with OneLogin?

Follow the instructions in this article to integrate your account or a group with OneLogin.

Integrating with Onelogin

Follow the instructions below to integrate your account or a group with Onelogin.

  1. API Credentials
  2. Integration Store
  3. Create Group

API Credentials

Login to your Onelogin tenant. In the main menu, navigate to Developers > API Credentials.


Click the 'New Credential' button located in the top right corner of the API Access page.


In the 'Create new API credential' form, give the credential a name and select the 'Read users' scope. Click the 'Save' button to save the credential.


After saving the token, Onelogin will present a client ID and a client secret. You will want to save these somewhere safe — after closing the modal, you cannot view the credentials again. Click the 'Done' button to save the credentials.


After creating the credential, you can now integrate an account or a group with your Onelogin tenant. Follow the Integration Store instructions to integrate an account, or the Create Group instructions to integrate a group.

Integration Store

In the Hook Security, Inc portal, navigate to Administration > Integration Store.


Click the 'Setup' button located on the bottom right corner of the Onelogin card.


Provide your onelogin domain, the client ID, and the client secret, then click the 'Test' button. If the test is successful, your Onelogin groups will display. Select the group(s) you would like to sync, then click 'Save'. If you would like the sync to commence immediately, set the 'Active' switch to 'Yes'.

  • NOTE: Do not provide a URL in the 'Onelogin Domain' field. The value should be the domain of your Onelogin tenant.


You can run the sync at any time by clicking 'Run Sync' located in the integration's dropdown menu.


Create Group

Navigate to Targets / Groups > Create Group.


Give the group a name and select 'Onelogin' in the 'Third-Party Syncing' option. Click the 'Create Group' button to create the group.


After the group is created, click the 'Onelogin Settings' tab to open the Onelogin Credentials form. Input your Onelogin Domain, client ID, and client secret, then click the 'Get Groups' button. If successful, a select group option will display. Select a group then click the 'Update Group' button to save the group. If auto-sync is enabled, the group will immediately sync. If auto-sync is disabled, you can sync the group from the Manage Groups page.